NWAV 45 was generously supported by the following sponsors, whom we gratefully acknowledge:

American Dialect Society

Anonymous donor, for American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation

Associate Vice-President Research Services, University of Victoria

Connections Grant, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)

Department of French, Simon Fraser University

Department of French, University of Victoria

Department of Linguistics, Simon Fraser University

Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria

Discourse Processing Lab, Simon Fraser University

Duke University Press

Experimental Syntax Lab, Simon Fraser University

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Simon Fraser University

Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Victoria

Faculty of Humanities, University of Victoria

First Nations Language Centre, Simon Fraser University

John Wiley & Sons Ltd.

Lansdowne Lecture Series, University of Victoria

Linguistic Data Consortium

Linguistics Graduate Student Caucus, Simon Fraser University

Monk Office

Sociolinguistics Research Lab, University of Victoria

Vice-President Academic Conference Fund, Simon Fraser University

Vice-President Academic and Provost Diversity Fund, University of Victoria

Vice-President, Research, Simon Fraser University

Vice-President Research, University of Victoria

Exhibiting book publishers:

Cambridge University Press

Duke University Press

John Benjamins Publishing Co.

Oxford University Press


Organizing Committee

The following team was proud to host you at NWAV 45:

Co-Chairs of the Organizing Committee
Alexandra D’Arcy, UVic
Panos Pappas, SFU
Catherine Léger, UVic

Members of the Organizing Committee
Derek Denis, UVic
Sky Onosson, UVic

Volunteer Coordinators
Irina Presnyakova, SFU
Pocholo Umbal, SFU

Molly Babel, UBC
Kathleen Hall, UBC

Kjellah Anuales, SFU
Vincent Chan, SFU
Lauretta Cheng, UBC
Yujin Han, SFU
Tiffany Ho, UBC
Beth Neeson. UVic
Olivia Nickel, SFU
Bran Schaffer, SFU
Tracey Schmidt. SFU
Kaleigh Woolford, UVic

Stan Anonby, SFU
Pat Hart Blundon, UVic
Heather Burge, UBC
Noortje De Weers, SFU
Kelli Finney, SFU
Ildara Enríquez García, UVic
Dasha Gluhareva, SFU
Mara Katz
Ayden Loughlin, UVic
Gloria Mellesmoen, UBC
Emma Mileva, SFU
Sky Onosson, UVic
Irina Presnyakova, SFU
Suzanne Robillard, UVic
Emily Sadlier-Brown, UBC
Lisa Shorten, SFU
Pocholo Umbal, SFU

Logo Design, Website Development, Photography
Jordan Milev, SFU


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